About ESA Messtechnik!

Since 1977, ESA Messtechnik are focused on electronical, computerized measurements of mechanical quantities. Its founders were a group of engineers who specialised in the field of experimental stress- and structural analysis.

From their own experience, they had developed a thorough understanding of the importance of package solutions which embrace hardware as well as software, to the cost efficiency of measurement projects in R&D and quality control. This is of particular significance in technological fields as experimental stress analysis/structural analysis which call for comprehensive background knowledge in mechanical engineering as well as in electronical instrumentation, sensor technology and in IT-technology with the technicians and engineers.

Within the scope of such assignment of tasks, the term package solution describes an uncompromisingly sound compatibility of all single components of a measuring chain, from the signal source to the instrumentation hardware, from control and data reduction software to data storing and data presentation.

Based on this awareness and on 30 years of successful work we can offer to the engineers in mechanical engineering, civil engineering, automotive-, aeronautical and aerospace industries (to name just a few) customized solutions in measurements technology on highest technical level. Our engineers understand your measurement projects, and they develop technically as well as economically efficient solutions together with our customers. In that way, we can always offer optimum single components as well as the complete, self-contained measurement chain. Besides our highly diversified sensor offer, we are particularly specialising in multi-cannel, computerised data acquisition systems with complete software packages for static and dynamic measurements of mechanical quantities.

But we still go a step further: If your measurement equipment would not meet your actual requirements, or you were faced with bottleneck situations with regard to both, equipment or personnel -, just give us a call and we'll be there. We install the required sensors on your structures, either at your site or in our labs, or, on your request, we'll perform the entire measurement for you. That applies in particular to elaborate strain gauge applications and similar measurement tasks.

Schröder Dieter   Dieter Schröder
  General Manager / Chief
  Sales Office

Armin von Blumenstein   Armin von Blumenstein
  Order Processing
  Office Olching/Germany

Philipp Kaufmann   Philipp Kaufmann
  Technical Sales
  Office Aschaffenburg

Petra Satzinger   Petra Satzinger
  Office Manager
  Order Processing
  Office Olching

Renate Haberzettl   Katrin Lägel
  Technician Strain Gauge
  Office Mühlhausen/Saalfeld

Matthias Lägel   Matthias Lägel
  Technician Strain Gauge
  Office Mühlhausen/Saalfeld

Piotr Kręglicki   Piotr Kręglicki
  R&D Director ESAM-Line
  Sales Office Świdnik (Poland)

Jaroslav Beneš   Jaroslav Beneš
  Office Brno (Czech Republic)