Inductive Displacement Transducers

Our portfolio includes inductive displacement transducers (LVDT’s) for a great variety of measurement applications. The LVDT’s are suitable for measuring ranges of 1mm up to 500 mm, depending on the various types they are featuring half- or full bridge designs, and they are available with either tipped sensor rods or free plungers. Special designs for special applications are available on request.

All our LVDT’s are designed in such a way that they can be also used under severe environmental conditions.

  • Half- and full bridge design
  • Measuring ranges from 1 mm up to 500 mm
  • Very high sensitivity
  • With tipped sensor rod or free plunger
  • Variety of different connections (solid wire cable, stranded wire, connectors, etc.)
  • Protection Class IP64
  • Suitable bridge amplifiers with analogue output on request
  • Calibrations certificates on request
  • Special or customized designs on request

Datenblätter zu den Wegaufnehmern

Datasheet PDF (0,3mb) - Series Mini
Datasheet PDF (1,0mb) - Series DLH / DUH
Datasheet PDF (0,2mb) - Series DTL
Datasheet PDF (0,2mb) - Series WLH
Datasheet PDF (0,6mb) - Series WT / WTA